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The Old Warrior

I awoke in the forest and he was standing there,
Clad only in a breechcloth, his torso bare
Moccasins on his feet, feather in his hair.

His face was dark, sun-pigmented skin,
Face like leather, sculpted by the wind
Piercing eyes, that peered within.

I stood up in awe and then he spoke
"Walk with me and be apprized,
what life was like before we were

So, I journeyed with him back to a time
That existed before we were "civilized".
Before electricity, before the car
When nature ruled, and we followed her Law.

We walked through forests, abundant with trees,
with pure water running from mountain fed streams,
and air so pure, it was a pleasure to breathe.
Chlorine and fluoride were chemicals not needed
Because Natures Law by the Elders was heeded.

Into the prairie unbroken by roads,
uncluttered with signs and ugly abodes.
Everywhere roamed Bison, wild and free,
Heads held high in majesty.

Wild flowers painting this breathtaking scene,
Highlighting the carpet, still pristine
I stood in wonder and realized.
The land was fine before we were civilized.

Into the mountains un-blasted and virgin
filled with pines, maples and birches.
Uncut and unsettled, more spiritual than churches.

Elk, moose, wolf, bear, beaver, and deer.
Predator and prey each taking heed,
To follow The Mothers laws,
and take only what they need.

And then we returned from that time long ago
and it suddenly hit me that "progress" was the foe.
That if we continue to take more than we need
and nature's laws we fail to heed
That sometime in the future we will realize,
That our savagery came from trying to "civilize".

As I turned to the warrior, there was a tear in his eye,
shed for the Mother who was continuing to die.
"Listen to the Mother, hear Her cry,
Be not no fast to "civilize".

I stood and watched as he faded away,
and I knew the healing had to begin today.
I pray that others will realize,
the price we pay to "civilize".

"The Old Warrior"
by William Redhawk © 2001

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