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Welcome To Redhawk's Lodge

Welcome to my lodge. Through these pages I hope to introduce and educate people to the Lakota (mistakenly called "Sioux") culture. As a Lakota, Minneconjou band, I try to follow the ways of the elders and believe that these ways are right for all times and all peoples.

In order to save Mother Earth, we as a people must learn that we are one with Her and with all Her peoples, the red, white, yellow, black, two legged and four legged, feathered and scaled. Our legacy is to take only what we need to sustain ourselves and to return to Her what we can.

There are those who say that Sioux Culture, our traditions and ceremonies are only for the Lakota. If that is true, why do the four colors of the Sacred Hoop represent the four races of the earth? How can we Lakota survive and honor the Earth if others do not learn and respect our ways? That is the essence of these pages, respect.

We are a Spiritual People and our ceremonies are meant to be led by those who were called and taught by the elders.

There are many who call themselves "New Agers" who will tell you they have learned and can teach you our ways. For a fee they will allow you to attend their sweat lodge's. This is very enriching, for their pockets. Beware the false shamans. Spirituality is not sold, it is freely given.

Beware those who call themselves "Elders" or "Medicine" or "Shamans". These are titles that are used in respect. They are given, not taken and the TRUE Holy People do not need to "advertise".

I have now added a new section to the Lodge. It deals not with the history 1900's, but with the events and injustices that were perpetuated on Indian People in the 20th Century and continues today. I am sure it will make some of you angry, but truth often does that.

The new section can be reached by clicking on the Current tab of the image maps. Those who prefer the romantic notion of Indians running around in Breechclouts and riding up to the circled wagons to be shot down should not bother entering.

Most content on this site has been obtained from other sources. Much of it is in the public domain and is available from many other sites as well as this one. My copyright notices on these pages applies to the layout and presentation only. I have credited the original author or source of the material when available.

I have tried to present all material that gives an authentic, broad overview of Lakota life and culture in one place.

If you appreciate what this website has to offer and wish to make a donation to help defray expenses, I accept Paypal.   

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