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This section is long overdue. My philosophy has been that if people understood our history, culture and traditions, they would speak out and take action against the injustices that are being done to American Indians Today. I wanted to destroy the stereotyped image of the ignorant savage that Hollywood and Literature have presented.

I realize now that more is needed. That open activism is the only way that the rights of Indians will be protected, the only way our culture and traditions will survive.

You may not like what you read on these pages. I cannot help that. What I will present here are facts. The truths that the government would really prefer that you do not know. It is a history of lies, deceit, ambiguity, homicide, genocide and oppression. It began when this country was "settled" by Europeans, and like it or not, it continues today, often abetted by the very agencies that are supposed to enforce the Constitution and protect the rights and interests of Indian People. The FBI, BIA, Department Of The Interior, United States Senate and the House of Representatives.

Their actions are not based on National Security, but are in the best interests of the Corporations and Businesses they put the campaign money and perks into their coffers.

If you find that hard to believe, then I would ask you to consider Enron and all the corporate scandals that are occurring today. An elite few who are acquiring obscene riches at the expense of the common man. If one looks, the methods that are using to con, deceive and defraud the citizens of this country is possible because of Legislation that has been enacted by members of Congress.

So what is being done to the common man today has been done to Indians for years.

We are a minority and it is easy to oppress minorities because the average person does not care what is happening, unless it is happening to them. Well, You're Next!

By now you're thinking I'm one of those paranoid conspiracy nuts. Read on.

What country was among the first to use biological warfare for "ethnic cleansing"? The United States! Read Smallpox Document

dicine" or "Shamans". These are titles that are used in respect. They are given, not taken and the TRUE Holy People do not need to "advertise".

I have now added a new section to the Lodge. It deals not with the history 1900's, but with the events and injustices that were perpetuated on Indian People in the 20th Century and continues today. I am sure it will make some of you angry, but truth often does that.

The new section can be reached by clicking on the Current tab of the image maps. Those who prefer the romantic notion of Indians running around in Breechclouts and riding up to the circled wagons to be shot down should not bother entering.

Most content on this site has been obtained from other sources. Much of it is in the public domain and is available from many other sites as well as this one. My copyright notices on these pages applies to the layout and presentation only. I have credited the original author or source of the material when available.

I have tried to present all material that gives an authentic, broad overview of Lakota life and culture in one place.

What is the only country to use Nuclear Weapons against an Enemy?

What country has used it's citizens and members of it's armed forces in drug and biological experiments without their knowledge?

What country interred naturalized and native born citizens in "The Interest of National Security" during World War Two2? (Only the "ethnically different" ones though, they did not inter those of Italian or German" descent.)

What president of what country declared "war" (which can only be declared by Congress according to the Constitution) on the Taliban, transported it's prisoners to Cuba and declared that they are not "Prisoners Of War", therefore violating the Geneva Convention?

Not convinced? Then read on. Browse the website. Most of what is presented here is Historical Fact. Allegations that have been supported by a preponderance of evidence. It's not a pretty picture. They say that we must remember our history or it repeats itself. That's scary because from what has happened and what is being done, all that we have learned is that government has gotten away with it, been exposed for it, and then continued to do it.

Who's fault is that? It's ours, yours and mine, because if we do not take a stand, oppose the injustice and refuse to re elect the politicians who perpetuate and these injustices, they will continue.

Today the "enemy" is Terrorism. People of Middle Eastern Descent are being "interred", held without charges or right to counsel. This violates the very foundation that this country was based on. The politicians endorse it and we accept it. Well, the Jews were the "enemy" in Nazi Germany. We Indians were and still are considered the "enemy".

Hell, to many Indians "You" are the enemy, and we fight among each other over blood lines and who is "how much Indian" or "real Indians". I don't care who you are, what your blood lines are, if you are white, black, red or yellow (and now I guess "olive"). If you believe that all people have a right to be free, to live their lives as they want, and to worship as they want, then you are my friend and my ally.

If on the other hand you believe that you are better then me, because you have a "better bloodline", because your way of life is "better" and I should live that way, then get in your SUV take your status symbols, and get out of Dodge because I have no use for Self Centered, Arrogant, useless excuses for human beings. Go stick your head in the sand and you won't see who's sticking it to you. You don't see now.

Consider this statement from Ward Churchill after his investigation of the lack of the FBI to investigate the Murder of Indians on Pine Ridge Reservation:

"The FBI is, as it has always been, an agency antithetical to the democratic ideals of the United States. Subverting law in pursuit of order, it continues today, as it has since its inception, to employ the vast resources at its disposal in destroying those whose viewpoints and activities it deems politically objectionable, and then to hide the truth of what it has done for the public it supposedly serves. Should we as citizens prove ourselves willing to accept the latter subterfuge, and thereby allow the former practice to continue, we will no longer need to concern ourselves with worries about whether America is becoming a police state. Instead, we will be compelled to confront the terrifying fact that it already has."