Conversation With A Hawk

I saw my brother the hawk today

He chose not to fly away

I asked him what my duty was

“To Learn” he replied

“What am I to learn?”

“Respect and Understanding”

“What am I to respect and understand?”

“All creatures of this earth”

“What am I to do with this knowledge?”


“Whom shall I start?”

“All who are willing to learn

and especially those who are not”

“Why me?”

“Because the Creator gave life to all

that they might learn and pass on His Will,”

“When will I be finished?”

“Never. Each day we grow, we learn.

If we do not learn, we do not grow”

“What will my reward be?”

“Wisdom, patience, understanding and compassion.

These are the gifts of The Creator,

the gifts that nurture us

and keep us close to the Spirit World.”

“What is the greatest gift I can give?”

“Understanding, for with it lies the power

to soften the heart and mind of the intolerant.”

“With whom should I begin?”

“With Yourself!”

I saw my brother the hawk today,

Those were his words before he flew away.

By William Redhawk © 1996